Amit Ubhi - Photography
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Amit Ubhi

I believe that the images I capture should be natural – I aim to reproduce key memories of the day and catch the true emotions that your guests experience. Please feel free to view the galleries displayed on my site. I am confident that my style of photography will continue to create moments of genuine beauty.

I prefer to observe from a distance and shoot as I am inspired to do so, attempting to tell the story of the day to those that will look at your photo album. I shoot anything that grabs my attention; whether it be the rose on the groom’s jacket or the nervous feet of the bride in her Jimmy Choos. You will see in my images an approach that will make you reminisce and remember those important details that took so long to prepare.

I use a wide range of lenses to cope with the varying challenges of each shooting environment - sometimes, I like to shoot fast and flash free and from a distance, catching the couple and guests off guard and thus giving my shots a more natural look. In other situations where it is necessary to use flash; I aim to raise the lighting enough to gain a soft natural image. I prefer to rely on the quality of my lenses, patience and optimism and less on lights and technology.

I believe that amazing images are created at the moment of capture and that images only require ‘cleaning’ to make them colour perfect.

Please look through my site and judge for yourself. Have I captured the emotions of the subjects? Have I told a story in a single image? Have I made you smile? If so, then please go to my contact page and request a quote.
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